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Structural Professor (Professor Estrutural) is an academic software that seeks to assist students of Engineering and Architecture courses in the Structural Analysis discipline. It is a purely didactic material, which in a generic way teaches the user how to calculate structural models through the basic methods of analysis.

Structural Analysis

The initial object of study of the Structural Analysis discipline, in general, is horizontal one-dimensional (1D) lattice models, with loading perpendicular to its axis, thus representing the structural element beam. Similarly, the software adopts the same object of study and provides its structural analysis calculation procedures through the following methods:

Equations of Static Equilibrium
Equations of Static Equilibrium
Force Method
Force Method
Displacement Method
Displacement Method

In addition, it also provides:

Shearing and Bending Moment diagrams
Elastic Curve and its slope diagrams
Diagram Functions
Diagram Functions
Beam section table
Beam section table

How to use

The Structural Professor has a friendly, dynamic and interactive interface. ClickTouch on the images below and see how the launch of a beam is carried out by basically going through three steps:

Initial Screen
Insert your account details to log in the application. Create a new beam on the "More" button. All beams created will be displayed here;
1st step
Define in the "Spans" tab the number of spans and their mechanical and geometric properties that compose the beam;
2nd step
Then you go through the "Supports" tab. In this step the supports at the ends of each span are defined;
3rd step
And finally, the beam loading configuration is determined in the "Loads" tab;
Results Screen
Click on Menu-Results and analyze the diagrams, functions, tables and all the calculation procedures.

Download and Installation

The software was developed in Java environment, so it will be necessary to install it for its use (Java 8 recommended). If you do not have Java installed on your machine, click the button below:

Download Java

For the software use, you need to create an account. It is free!


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At first, the software is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux platforms only. Soon there will be a mobile version for android. This is a beta and still undergoing testing, so some unexpected errors might happen. Click the button below to download the Professor Estrutural installer.

Undergraduate Thesis

The Structural Professor was idealized in the Course Conclusion Work of the then academic Thacio Guimarães Mendes, in his degree in Civil Engineering at UNIFIPMoc (University Center FIPMoc). The beginning of the development of this work was due to his experience as a Structural Analysis subject monitor, with encouragement from the Advisor and Professor Salmo Fraga (first from left to right in the photo) and the Structural Analysis Professor Jaber Ismail Hachem (second from left to right in the photo).
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PS: I am sorry, but there is only a Portuguese version of the work. Soon there will be an english version.

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